In 5 minutes, test your
Vulnerability degree.

Why Choose US

Because we focus on people and their training combined with the correct configuration of machines and voiding their vulnerabilities, with solutions studied to detail and designed to suit each client.

We train

We train our customers by ensuring they have best practices in Computer Security.

We protect

We create tranquility because there is awareness there is no leak, or that the critical information the company can be compromised.

We follow

The follow-up after our intervention is crucial! We care and we want to grow with our business partners, valuing the established commitment.

What our Customers Feel!

Cláudia Dinis

"ScorpionBonus professionalism in approaching complex situations. What seems to impossible, ScorpionBonus solves. Speed of response even in exceptional circumstances. Our peace of mind depends on the data security of our company, for that reason we have this reference partner in the computer area. Thanks."

Ricardo Brunheta
Prosas e Números

“ScorpionBonus is a partner who has profited from my company's business in a very simple way: it has heard, created and successfully implemented a computing need.”

Silvío Raposo

"ScorpionBonus expertise enables you to raise security levels to much higher standards than the average user can imagine. That's exactly why Blean decided to hire kBee®. It was with confidence and security that we decided to put into the hands of kBee® one of the most important aspects that exist in companies: protection of data and information of our company and our customers. "